notes Wismar

Former Easter Germany.
Small city 40 000 inhabitants. Almost like Curtea de Argeș.
Stasi – my mom said no because she didn’t like uniforms. My uncle was working for them being a spy 4 the SU.
Soviet blocks of flats – they needed space. How about the Chicago school of architecture?

You can ask for your Stasi file. 2,000 Eur for the driver’s licence.

Alte Schwede – holy moly. . The oldest building in town.

Beer tasting at Hinricus Noyte’s brewery.

3 types of beer to taste + a pretzel. Breakfast.

Blonde -pilsen.

Dark – braun stiller, sweeter and bitter at the same time. The oldest historically.

Red – red Eric. No real character, fullness.

Free time. To do what?

Ice cream or visiting St Nicholas’ church?
Ice cream.

Music by two street musicians, probably students. They had a good classical repertoire.
A tuba and a clarinet playing.
It’s haleluia cohen.
Haleluaih by leonard cohen.
Oh. I’m not a symphony goer.

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