Women, science and poetry

I just love Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings. I always browse through her newsletter with the curious anticipation of the amazingly interesting connections she offers her readers. For her a constant labour of love, for me an amazingly serendipitous discovery.

As in this announcement of “a charitable celebration of science and nature through poetry”. How does she announce it? Intriguingly:

<“The Universe in Verse” is going West! (April 18, California)

UC Santa Cruz
Quarry Amphitheater
1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Doors: 6:00PM
Show: 7:30–10ish PM
Rain or shine, news-hyped virus panic or sanity. Dress warmly for outdoor springtime, wash your hands with soap, hot water, and critical thinking.>

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

For someone coming from a culture which does not necessarily appreciate time, except one’s own obviously, giving a time for “Doors” and then another for the actual show hints at profound social differences. The best part, however, is the last – a strong, unapologetic promise that this is a serious event which requires not only passionate love of science and poetry, but also a clear sense of humour and in-depth critical thinking. Lovely indeed.

Happy women’s day every day!


8 March Women’s Day – 8 Martie Ziua femeii

It’s a gorgeous spring day. As it should be, but not always is as March is fickle. Some say as a woman, I’d say as a human in this age!

Saying Happy Spring to all the great people I know and have made my life as it is!


To Huayna Picchu (aka Wayna Picchu). It means ‘Young Peak’ in Quechua. I couldn’t have made it without a team and a guide! It was great! // Către Huayna Picchu (sau Wayna Picchu). “Vârf tânăr” în quechua. N-aș fi reușit fără sprijinul echipei și al ghidei! A fost minunat!


Este o zi minunată de primăvară! Așa cum trebuie să fie, dar adesea nu este pentru că martie este o lună atât de capricioasă! Ca o femeie – ar spune unii. Ca o ființă umană în epoca noastră, zic eu!

La mulți ani tuturor oamenilor minunați pe care-i cunosc și mi-au marcat viața!